Fluttering Red Ensign

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Airborn lifeboat Airborne lifeboat Fully restored by volunteers to its original condition, this lifeboat was dropped by parachute by Coastal Command aircraft during WWII.
  Andria This 1959 motor tender was the original launch to the yacht Halide
Ankle Deep Ankle Deep  
  Calypso The boat was built in Italy by the 'carvel seam batten method' and reached a speed of 40mph
  Chuff Chuff Build in 1920 from an early kit by Tom Thornycroft for his wife, this vessel has an unusual single cylinder 2-stroke engine.
Evening Star Evening Star This motor launch has been much restored since her launch in 1906.
Flying Spray gentleman's launch Flying Spray This magnificent gentleman's river launch was built for Thames cruising in 1910.
Jazz Jazz This 1912 racing hydroplane has a 4-litre 4 cylinder marine version of the 30-98 Vauxhall 'Prince Henry' sports car engine installed
Johanna Johanna Due to the extraordinary and unergonomic layout of the main controls, it takes three hands to drive this motor launch!
  Lean II This wooden racing powerboat has been beautifully restored following a successful racing career.
Lyndora Lyndora This single seat racing hydroplane, built in 1947, is powered by a modified ‘Flat Head’ Ford 3.6 litre V8
Miss Britain IV Miss Britain IV In 1982 this speedster held the diesel water speed record, reaching 124.24mph (just under 200kph) in the Lake District.
Queen Gull Queen Gull Originally radio controlled, this is the last surviving WWII target boat used for Royal Artillery gunnery practice at high speeds.
Rosabelle Rosabelle In the 1930’s Frank Beken took most of his famous Big Class racing photographs from this small craft using a glass plate camera.

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