Flutering Red Ensign

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  Avery 'A' A 1950’s competition 4-man rowing boat donated by Newport Rowing Club
  Becky Once owned by the late famous photographer, Keith Beken, who received the boat for his 21st birthday
  Bobcat A race winning traditional North American canoe built in Canada in 1935.
  Britannia I On the same day in 1969 that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, John Fairfax became the first man to single-handedly row across the Atlantic in this vessel.
Britomart With this canoe renowned local designer Uffa Fox took what was essentially a club boat and turned it into an international class, with canoe sailing adopted as a world championship sport.
Folding lifeboat Collapsable lifeboat This 22ft fold-down lifeboat was built in the 1880’s and remained folded for more than 100 years in the back of a boatshed until 2007.
  Coracle This hand-built replica is of the same design as those used in Britain since the Bronze Age.
  Endeavour This coxed-4 rowing boat was raced successfully by Thames Tradesmen Rowing Club in the 1960’s and is the longest boat in the Museum.
  Eve A traditional Thames skiff designed for lazy summer afternoons on the river.
  Folding dinghy Designed by the remarkable Rev Berthon, this tiny double-skinned canvas dinghy was found under a hedge in France in 2007
  Kingfisher A three-part canoe used for pleasure and built by Fairey Marine in the 1930’s.
Tidler Tiddler A canvas-covered Folboat canoe with clip together frame that all fits into a small bag.
  Nutshell Awaiting restoration
  Single Scull Ex-Ryde Rowing Club
Skims Skims Those boats were built with very narrow strips of timber due to severe post-war shortages
  Sunbeam A beautifully restored 10ft dinghy
  T/T Bloodhound The 1935 tender to Prince Philip’s racing yacht in which Princess Anne and Prince Charles learnt to sail.
  Tiger A traditional rowing dinghy named after the WWI battlecruiser HMS Tiger
Tin Tacks canoe TinTacks Made of aluminium and in three separate parts which lock together, this type of Military Sailing Canoe was first used by Special Forces in WWII.
Uffa's Own dinghy Uffa's Own Restored by the Museum, this moulded ply dinghy was designed and built by Uffa Fox for his personal use.

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